rock      pop      party      soul 

"The     best   band    that  Roadhouse    have   ever  seen!"                 

"The best band I have heard in a very long time! My feet are still killing me from dancing all night! You guys were fantastic!"

"You guys are seriously head and shoulders above every other band we've had playing  here!"

"Just magnificent!"

"It's very rare you get a band where every member is super outstanding!" - Pat Johnson, Roadhouse Legend

"You actually take covers and make them sound better than the  originals!"

"Love,     love,     love     this

band! They'll having you rocking   all   night   long! Absolute crowd favourites every time!"

"By  far  THEE  best  band  I've     ever      seen     live! Seriously  loved  tonight!"

"The best night ever!  You  guys  are  just  awesome!  We  had  so  much  fun!"

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